Advertising TV Network Thinks Slap-On Wearable Will Lead To Healthier Kids

A new app encourages physical activity through a wearable snap band

Advertising Fake Subway Ads Critique Reality TV

PBS creates posters for ridiculous, fictitious shows that probably would be popular if they were real.

Technology Spreading Tech In The Developing World Through Rap [Video]

PBS's Beat Making Lab brings portable music studios to young people around the world to empower them and their communities.

Design Own Frank Lloyd Wright's Heart-Shaped Island

Buy a piece of design history with this residence and isolated getaway designed by the post-modern master.

Innovation Ad Agency Run By High School Students Gets First Paying Client

IAM Advertising have taken on the National Black Programming Consortium and will work with them to promote the new TV program ‘DC Met: Life Inside School Reform.’

Technology Interactive Infographic Details New York's Pizza Delivery Routes [Video]

The routes taken by NYC delivery cyclists were tracked with GPS and displayed in an animated visualization.

Gaming & Play Pattern Pulp: PBS Explains Art To Kids Using Video Games

A new PBS web series helps put timeless ideas in a modern context to make them easier for young minds to grasp.

Home US TV Channel PBS Hits UK Screens [Headlines]

'America's BBC' hopes to appeal to British viewers with its news and documentaries – but it's not free to view.

Technology Lessons Learned From PBS's Tupac Shakur Story [Headlines]

Digital news is much more vulnerable to hacking and hoaxing than old media. Scepticism must be in the eye of the beholder.

Innovation Knowledge Meets Inspiration: Celebration of Teaching & Learning 2010

The Celebration of Teaching & Learning 2010 is a professional development conference that brings together thinkers, practitioners, and more than 8,500 educators who share a passion for teaching and learning.

Video (Video) Ideas From The Past Might Be Key To Detroit (And America's) Future

The Blueprint America series on PBS has been taking a look at what to do about the challenges of maintaining and modernizing infrastructure in the United States.

Copyright Criminals: Can You Own A Sound?

Copyright Criminals is a documentary that examines the use of sampling in hip-hop.