Design Prototype Crosswalk Moves And Adapts To Prioritize Pedestrians

A UK design firm creates a new kind of crosswalk that uses LED lights to help pedestrians cross safely

Fitness & Sport Pedestrian Footsteps Power City Street Lights

EnGoPlanet is an off-the-grid lighting solution being installed in Las Vegas

Technology Pedestrian Test Dummies Put Driverless Cars to the Test

Toyota and Mcity team up to test the safety of driverless cars using humanless pedestrians

Home Be Rewarded With Shopping Deals By Cycling Or Recycling

Recyclebank allow cyclists and pedestrians to earn points that can be redeemed for discount coupons at participating stores.

Design Most Dangerous U.S. Cities For Pedestrians [Headlines]

A non-profit group studies the most dangerous cities in the U.S. for walking and Florida is at the top.

Work Urban Noise Design

How can we create an auditory environment that promotes well-being?

Innovation NYC: A Car-Free 42nd Street?

Citizen's group Vision 42 is proposing a plan that would completely shut down 42nd street to traffic, and build a light rail system that would span the width of Manhattan.