Automotive Cyclists Could Avoid Injury With This Wearable From Ford

Ford continues to broaden its outlook on mobility options for consumers with a smart jacket concept that helps people cycle more confidently and better coexist with cars and pedestrians

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The auto maker's DIGITAL LIGHT headlights aim to improve safety and communication with other drivers and pedestrians

Design BMW Proposes An Elevated E-Bike Roadway For City Traffic Relief

The modular roadway takes advantage of unused space to increase sustainable mobility options

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Honda's Mobility Concepts Focus On Increasing Family Time

A car that becomes a guest room and an intelligent lawn mower shows how mobility can blend into living spaces

Advertising Nissan EVs Can Now Turn Engine Noises Into Song

Canto varies in tone and pitch when the vehicle accelerates, brakes or reverses

Design Prototype Crosswalk Moves And Adapts To Prioritize Pedestrians

A UK design firm creates a new kind of crosswalk that uses LED lights to help pedestrians cross safely

Automotive Lyft Reimagined Street Design For The Future Of Mobility

The ride sharing company presented a newly imagined Wilshire Boulevard in a future where autonomous cars are widely available

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Ford Thinks Self-Driving Cars Of The Future Will Communicate With Lights

Ford is creating a common visual language for cars and pedestrians

Advertising Ford Tests A Self-Driving Vehicle By Disguising A Driver As A Car Seat

The study aims to research pedestrian response to communication from the car

Design This DIY Sound Machine Emits A Sound To Keep Cyclists Safe

Ecobici is made to create a pleasant soundscape on the road and alert everyone that a cyclist is nearby

Advertising Photographer Uses Volvo's Safety Cameras To Create Exhibition Works

It was the world's first photography show where a car was used as a camera

Syndicated Dutch Service Allows Elderly To 'Hack' Traffic Lights

With sensors and smartphones to make roads more flexible, Tilburg is addressing the question: how can a city become safer for less able residents?

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Smart traffic lights, bike paths in high-rises and paying people to cycle are among the trends that stood out at the recent Velo-City 2017 conference

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Could this conundrum eventually mean a return to a dystopian world of segregated urban highways?