peer pressure

Advertising Rick Murray: Why Millennial Shoppers Are Alpha-Influencers

The Millennial generation is now the largest generation on earth, but how much influence do they have over what their peers and those in other generations buy?

Gaming & Play Fridge Device Alerts Social Networks When User 'Fails' Their Diet

The Virtual Fridge Lock is a magnet that locks to your fridge and alerts your friends when you open the fridge late at night.

Technology App Leverages Gaming Mechanic Of Peer Pressure To Embarrass Snoozers [Future Of Gaming]

OKITE is a free mobile app from Japanese developer Eureka that motivates users to wake up by threat of embarrassing, random ‘tweets’ broadcast across their social networks.

Gaming & Play Inter-App Game Pressures Runners To Stick To Their Run [Future Of Gaming]

Reebok has created a mobile app that informs an individual’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers when a person has planned to go out for a run—and whether or not they actually do.

Technology Solar Charger Game Broadcasts Ecological Savings Across Social Networks [Future Of Gaming]

The Changers Solar Starter Kit is a solar charging system for personal electronics that broadcasts a user’s ecological savings across their social network, allowing fellow users to pressure one another into reducing their CO2 footprint.

Work Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Peer-Pressure

Game platforms are motivating people to stick to their promises and complete their goals by sharing individual actions on popular social networks and leveraging the pressures and accolades of their friends and peers.

Design Pillars Of Gaming: Mechanics That Drive People To Action [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK explores the core motivations behind human behaviors and integrating these mechanics into the structure of game play.

Design When Peer Pressure Shows Positive Results

It turns out that peer pressure might not always be such a bad thing after all, particularly when it causes us to act in beneficial ways. With the economy already affecting consumer spending habits, companies are increasingly looking at the ways behavioral economics can be influenced by public transparency and participation.