Design Next-Generation Jet Fighter Outfitted With Lasers and Drone Swarms

The new fighter may be a "mothership" for swarms of drone aircraft

Advertising 14 Stories You Need To Know Today

The companies with the happiest employees, teens financial struggles and the countries with the fastest internet speeds.

Technology The Pentagon Builds Its Own Version Of Reddit Exclusively For The Military

The U.S. Department of Defense hopes to launch a restricted user-generated content site.

Work Military Struggles To Find Helium For Spy Blimp Surge [Headlines]

The Defense Logistics Agency is unable to keep up with the demand in Afghanistan to keep these surveillance tools in the air.

Advertising Pentagon Reveals 24,000 Files Stolen In Cyber-Attack [Headlines]

US deputy secretary of defence says cyber-attacks are a new warfare domain that requires different security strategies.

Luxury Pentagon Competition Reaches For Stars [Headlines]

US federal government offers $500,000 prize to firms who devise a way to send people to a star.

Technology 360 Degree, Computer Enhanced Vision For US Soldiers

DARPA proposes equipping troops with a high-resolution, all-around vision.

Technology Oxford English Dictionary Expands Definition of "Information"

The entry for "information" in the online edition of the OED explodes to 9,400 words.

Design Pentagon Developing Self Learning Software

A software program which can identify objects, actions and even subtle variations in text, is being developed.

Technology Device Diagnoses Illness Before Symptoms Appear

A device looks into the future and improves clinical accuracy.