Pentagram Design

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Stephen Colbert slams Amazon, couples sign social media prenups and new mutual fund supports women in the corporate world.

Design Lost 70s MTA Typography Manual Archived Online

Found in the office basement of design consultancy, Pentagram, employees created an archival website displaying the old school graphic design.

Advertising Pentagram Rebrands Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine embraces a minimalist information design approach in a recent facelift.

Design New York Parking Signs Redesigned To Be More Clear

Pentagram creates new signs that simplify the often convoluted messaging, make it much easier to understand parking rules.

Design New York City's Design Scene Depicted As A Subway Map [Infographic]

Pentagram's Luke Hayman creates an image that connects contemporary and historic NY designers.

Advertising Pentagram Designs New Identity For NYC Parks [Pics]

The new leaf logo will be used in brand merchandising, signage and promotional materials.

Technology (Event) Culture Lab 2009

The Imprint Culture Lab will be holding their 2009 Culture Lab event in New York City next Tuesday. A full day of engaging speakers are lined up who will be discussing topics ranging from design, to food, and entrepreneurship. PSFK readers can get 50% off the ticket price with a promotional code.