Beauty Estee Lauder Partners With Streetwear Brand Kith For Limited-Edition Collection

In what might seem like an unlikely pairing, the streetwear apparel retailer and heritage beauty co are teaming up to tap each other's markets, lending some streetwear cool to a skincare collection

Brand Activation & Immersion Guerlain Launches Scent-Inspired Digital Radio App

This French radio station app is an attempt from LVMH's Guerlain to build a new sensory community based on memories of scent

Fashion & Apparel H&M Fragrance Line Offers A Multitude Of Scents To Appeal To Any Customer

Made in conjunction with Givaudan, the wide range from H&M Beauty includes 25 different scents in eau de toilette, body mists and roll-on form, aiming to complement the brand's beauty and apparel offers

Packaging & Product Engagement Louis Vuitton Celebrates Men's Fragrance Line With A Pop-Up Made Of Packaging

The retailer is promoting the release of men's fragrances in NYC with an artful display constructed out of 3,000 cologne tube packages

Loyalty & Membership Perfume Line Uses Raw Ingredients From Conflict Zones To Support Victims

Now sold at Sephora, beauty brand 7 Virtues is working with local suppliers in the hopes of helping farmers from rebuilding nations

Food & Beverage Aroma Lab Helps Shoppers Discover Whisky Through Scent

The Glenfiddich Aroma Lab in Harrods has customers sniff out their whisky preferences with custom scents

Advertising Old Spice Managed To Stuff An Entire Blazer Into A Magazine

GQ readers can pull a paper sport coat doused in cologne from the pages of the magazine's April issue

Design Perfume Store Hides All Branding To Focus On The Scents

Perfumarie displays its perfumes without any branding to help customers choose scents without the influence of marketing

Advertising Dior Homme Teases The Release Of A Branded BMX Bike

The fashion brand's artistic director Kris Van Assche announced the Dior-branded dirt bike, an unlikely product coming soon

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Axe Mixed Leather And Cookies To Promote Unusual Mashups

The combo is first of many in a line of 'Collision' products

Home These Fragrances Will Infuse Your Home With The Smell Of California

A new line of products from Norden is inspired by the scents of the Golden State

Syndicated Exhibition Shows How Fragrances Help Explain The World

From the excesses of the 80s to the purifying smells of the 90s and the niche individuality of 2017, the way we smell says a lot about society, as a new exhibition proves

Retail Online Fragrance Startup Sells Scents Through Music

Phlur uses pictures, descriptions, and music to sell perfume online rather than at the store

Consumer Goods Control How Your Home Smells Right from Your Phone

Moodoo lets homeowners choose fragrances using a personal mood box