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Beauty Customers Can Receive A Customized Skincare Regimen From AI Cleansing Device

A Scandinavian skincare brand created a cleansing device that doubles as a beauty advisor, using artificial intelligence to assess customers' skin and create a tailored skin regimen

Advertising How Brands Get Shoppers To Volunteer Their Personal Data [Future Of Retail]

Customers are willing to share their data in exchange for transparency and better experiences.

Home App Helps Cheaters Clear Their Phone History Of Troublesome Evidence

Cate (Call and Text Eraser) can erase personal information from a phone, block the name of a caller, hide specific contact names and texts.

Technology Facebook Changes Users' Listed Email Adresses Without Warning [Headlines]

The social network rolls out new feature and replaces users' listed email addresses with '' alternative.

Gaming & Play Private & Protected Search Engine Won't Sell Your Info For Profit

Yippy offers an online service you can trust, with secure web browsing and search capabilities.

Why People Will Pay For Privacy Tools [Headlines]

Facebook and Google users don’t want these and other major third-parties to track and record their online activity.

Technology It's Like Spammers Took Over Technology

Web Pioneer Dave Winer blogs about how technology is often accessing people's sensitive personal information without their knowledge.

Design Design, Perception & Privacy

A study by Carnegie Mellon University explores the dichotomy between how users perceived their online privacy practices and how they unknowingly divulged personal information.

Innovation Diaspora*: A User-Controlled Social Network

A new concept called Diaspora* seeks to create a safer, more informed social network that is controlled solely by its users.