Advertising This Website Uses Data Mining To Predict Your Future

To promote the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft created a platform to show what your profile looks like to large companies looking to market to you

Design Upcycled Furniture Becomes Host To Biological Upholstery

Vintage furniture gets reupholstered to look like its fabric has grown on it.

Technology What Facebook Likes Reveal About Users' Personalities

The University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research have found that attributes can be predicted by analyzing digital behavior.

Gaming & Play Art Installation Mirrors Your Movements With Personality Tags

Cell features an interactive screen that explores how social media fabricates a different persona.

Advertising Melvin: The Social Media Machine

This new robot is a social media master and involves "his" viewing audience in "his" social network.

Design The Role Of Personality In Creativity

Frog Design proposes three approaches by which to bring personality into an organization's creative product.

Home A Data Visualization Of Your Personality

A novel online tool generates an infographic representing your own personality and behaviors.