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January 16, 2019 | New York City
From finance-managing chatbots to mindfulness-promoting social media features, brands are looking to help consumers take charge of their consumption practices, cultivating consumer relationships and building trust
August 15, 2018

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As the Founder and CEO of uBiome, Jessica is changing the ownership structure of personalized health information. uBiome collects swabs from individuals' bodies and then provides them with a personalized catalog of the microorganisms living inside them. This allows individuals to track their microbiome over time and compare it with standardized categories such as “heavy drinker” or “pregnant woman.” Jessica studies how scientific and technological systems change society. She completed a fellowship at Oxford University examining the way people think technology affects their society and overall lifestyle. Expanding on this research, Jessica started the world’s first citizen science project to sequence the human microbiome. It became the largest crowd funded citizen science project in history. Jessica received her PhD from Oxford University and attended Stanford University.


Anu is the founder and CEO of MapMyGenome, a molecular diagnostics company that provides personalized genetic information to individuals interested in proactive health management. Through MapMyGenome, individuals are provided insights into the genetic characteristics behind certain traits, drug responses, inherited conditions, and diseases. They are given actionable steps they can take to achieve greater wellness and health. Prior to founding MapMyGenome, Anu was the founder and CEO of Ocimum Biosolutions, a comprehensive integrated life science informatics solutions provider with a range of services that also included Genomics Data Analysis. Anu is also a board member for the Association of Biotech Enterprises, an advisor to Action for India and mentor at IvyCap Ventures. She attended IIT Kharagpur, India and the University of Illinois.

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