Innovation BBC Experiments With Personalized Videos That Adapt To Your Bias

Its Visual Perceptive Media research project aims to change different elements depending on the viewer

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Lammily is a fashion doll with the proportions of an average 19-year old woman

Design Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Thanks to some ingenious pleating, designer Antoine Peters’ 'Lenticular Dress' changes patterns based on the viewer’s perspective.

Advertising Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

A new measuring tool aims to instantly and simply improve a drawer’s technique.

Life-Sized Picture Frames Revitalize Forgotten Spaces [Pics]

French street artists play with perspective in abandoned buildings.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Famous Landmarks Made To Look Like Miniature Models [Pics]

Photographer captures destinations around the world from a unique perspective.

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Photos that show the city towering growth from a new perspective.

Advertising Google Image Montage Demonstrates Essential Human Curiosity

Artist puts together search images in a way that makes viewers see them in a new light.

Gaming & Play Hong Kong's Cityscape Transformed Into A 2D Game [Pics]

Photographer Christian Åslund explores the urban jungle from an interesting and playful perspective.

Innovation How Expanding What We Believe Is Possible Will Evolve Our Creativity [Need To Know]

Keith Yamashita explains why we often get 'stuck' when we're creating something- and how to get break free from it.

Work Ivan Argote 'Retouches' Mondrian Paintings

A Paris-based, Colombian artist goes to extreme lengths to change the way we look at traditional art.

Design "Living Sculptures" Squeeze Human Performers into Unexpected Spaces

Willi Dorner has created a spontaneous series of happenings where his troupe interacts with their environments in curious and unexpected ways.