Brand Activation & Immersion Accor Hotels Courts Millennials With Curated Midscale Lifestyle Brand

Carefully crafted accommodations combine a trendy feel with choice amenities to target younger, midscale customers, including locally sourced food, bike rental and co-working spaces

Neon Shopping Baskets Create Larger Than Life Sculptures [Pics]

Choi Jeong Hwa's colorful pyramid structures "Air, Air" featured at the Perth International Arts Festival.

Perth's Pop-Up Legal Practice

Part of the Perth International Arts Festival, the 'P.U.L.P.' event offered thirty-minute legal advice appointments to various writers, musicians, digital producers, web developers and entrepreneurs.

Technology Big Help Mob: Flash Mobs For A Cause

A venture of the non-for-profit Perth group Youth Tree, the group of one-hundred-strong volunteers get together to perform "superhuman acts of awesomeness for non-profits and communities."

Advertising KerbScrawl: Eco-Friendly Street Art Advertising

Counting Virgin, Visa and Barclays as past clients, the crew's 'ambient marketing' techniques offer an innovative way to bring messages to the masses.

Home Pogo: Remixing Real Life And Fantasy

The audiovisual artist best known for his rework of Alice In Wonderland has created a new piece.

Technology NearMap: High-Quality PhotoMapping Website Rivals GoogleMaps

Like GoogleMaps, NearMap offers a birds-eye view of searched locations, but instead of using satellite technology, the website utilises photomaps