Peter Thiel

Food & Beverage Robotic Coffee Stations Serve Fast And Accurate Orders

CAFE X's automated coffee machines take orders via app and work alongside human specialists, fulfilling two special orders in less than a minute

Loyalty & Membership San Francisco Activists See Irony In Yass, A Queer Startup Backed By Tech Wealth

A new startup is raising eyebrows over its links to Peter Thiel and its decision to open in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood

Syndicated Is Lyft Really The 'Woke' Alternative To Uber?

The ride-hailing rival has seized on Uber’s scandals to position itself as the ethical choice, but can it back up the claims?

Advertising Order 3D Printed Pasta At Google’s Cafeterias

Local produce meets technical process at the Internet giant's Mountain View headquarters.

Technology 3D Printed Meat Just Got Backing From PayPal Founder [Headlines]

Modern Meadow receives funding from CEO Peter Thiel to 'create' meat on 3D printers.

Design An Ocean Vessel Brings Innovation--And Entrepreneurs Without A Visa--To Silicon Valley

Blueseed will create a space for entrepreneurs without a visa on an moored vessel on international waters near Silicon Valley in the United States.

Paypal Founder Invests In Floating Autonomous Cities [Headlines]

The Seasteading Institute's goal is to create autonomous floating states, free from current political agendas.

Innovation Entrepreneur Offers Grants To Students To Drop Out Of School

A new program will 'reward' students who drop out of college in pursuit of doing big things.