Advertising Phone Booth Is Transformed Into A Single-Person Car Dealership

Peugeot designed a phone booth in London to work as a car dealership for customers to try out the company's online ordering program

Automotive E-Commerce Could Reshape The Car Buying Process

Thanks to a new initiative by Pugeot, buyers can complete every step of the purchase process all in one place in less than 30 minutes

Design Peugeot's Instinct Car Will Change How It Drives To Match Your Mood

By connecting to the cloud and other IoT devices, the car is designed to create a uniquely tailored driving experience

Technology Fully 3D-Printed Car Promises Sustainable Manufacturing

Showcased at CES 2017, Divergent is trying to change how vehicles are produced outside of assembly lines

Innovation Luxury Food Truck is Full-Service Restaurant on Wheels

Peugeot Design Lab ambitiously converts the food truck into a restaurant-cafe-DJ booth

Design Bike Sharing Program Swaps Pedal-Powered Designs For Hybrid Scooters

Designer Philippe Starck and Peugeot teamed up to design the bikes for Bordeaux’s transport sharing program.

Advertising Peugeot Print Airbag Ad Inflates When Punched

The tactile, interactive advertisement highlights car safety.

Design Peugeot Designs The Piano Of The Future

The auto company's Design Lab has collaborated with French manufacturer Pleyel for a streamlined design that gives viewers increased visibility of the pianist as he plays.

Innovation Peugeot Supercar Concept Made From Recycled Newspapers And Raw Copper

The interior of the Onyx is yesterday's news, literally.

Technology Peugeot's Pinterest Jigsaw Puzzle Sends Fans On A Hunt For The Pieces

Car manufacturer creates an engaging and clever social media campaign where users must find missing images on pinboards.

Advertising Users Move And Bend Bodies To Unveil Exclusive Photos Of New Car Model

Puegeot launches its latest automobile model that enables website visitors to test their skills in order to reveal exclusive photos of the new model.

Luxury Peugeot Reveals Its Futuristic Electric Concept Car [Pics]

The French car manufacturer has unveiled its light, compact and electric-powered car.

Design Peugeot HX-1 Car Includes Minibar, Coffee Maker

The luxury aerodynamic concept car debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Work Paris Motor Show: Scooters And Bikes Steal The Spotlight

The Paris Motor Show feature more than just vehicle with four wheels as we found out from the variety of scooters and bicycles displayed.