Analysis Top 4 Innovations This Month From The Automotive World

News bites on a global shift to electric vehicles, movie cars and the world's quietest ride

Design Rolls-Royce Hosts Dinner Party On Assembly Line Floor

The luxury automobile manufacturer held a customer appreciation dinner in the same space all their cars are hand-built.

Advertising How Rolls-Royce Differentiates With Personal Experience

As the car company markets its Phantom II range, CEO Torston Müller-Ötvös talks to PSFK about how the brand connects with prospective and existing customers.

Innovation Rolls-Royce Decides Not To Build An Electric Car [Headlines]

The luxury car producer will not be bringing their electric model onto the market.

Luxury Piers Fawkes: Can Luxury Keep Up With Technology?

Brands like Rolls Royce have to work on the softer end of the tech to really be seen as innovators.

Home Electric Luxury: PSFK Test Drives The Rolls Royce Phantom EX

A new luxury concept car includes refined design details.