Beauty Sunnies Face leads the way for makeup that caters the warmer Southeast Asian skin tones

Sunnies Face is a beauty brand whose lip and foundation shades were developed specifically with Southeast Asia’s warm skin tones in mind. Similar to K-beauty, F-beauty, or Filipino beauty, has sprung up to cater to darker Southeast Asian skin tones. While many Asian beauty brands only cater to lighter skin tones, outliers like Sunnies Face are filling a void within the inclusive movement.

Advertising Nike's LED Track Lets Runners Compete With Their Digital Selves

At a first of it's kind venue in Manilla, runners don't compete with each other, they compete with their own avatars

Retail Specialty Store Helps People Rejuvenate Old Sneakers To Their Former Glory

In the Philippines, The Lab is helping consumers restore their favorite footwear to almost new condition

Automotive Manila Could Soon Implement A Capsule-Based Transportation System

If accepted, the proposal would free traffic, save lives and promote the Filipino city's local culture

This Unique Coworking Space Is Open All Night

A cafe in the Philippines provides Wi-Fi, outlets, and coffee for those working at all hours

Technology How VR & 3D Printing Are Making Hospitals More Efficient

A virtual experience developed by Doctors Without Borders lets people explore future buildings

Design Dried Food Art Works Warn People To Prepare For Natural Disasters [Pics]

Artist highlights the vulnerability of countries and the importance of being ready when disaster strikes with new project.

Video Solar Bottle Bulbs Provide Lighting Without Electricity [Video]

Bottles filled with water help brighten an underprivileged neighborhood in the Philippines.

Innovation Traditional Rickshaws In Asia Become More Environmentally Friendly

Traditional rickshaws in the Philippines are being replaced by electrical tricycles to cut carbon emission and become more cost-effective for the drivers.

Work Dragon-Inspired Lamps Are Out To Invade Your Desk

An inventive lamp concept by a Filipino designer takes a curious spin on the beastly character of childhood tales.

Advertising Philippines' First Environmentally Beneficial Billboard Launched

WWF teams up with Coca-Cola to create the Philippines' first plant billboard as part of Coca-Cola Philippines’ Live Positively sustainability program.

Design HELLZ x Vans Fall 2011 Collaboration To Be Launched In The Philippines

Hellz and Vans kick off their second collaborative effort in the Philippines this fall.

Technology Facebook To Reach 700m Users [Headlines]

The top growing country in the last month was Brazil with more than 1.9 million of new users on Facebook. The other top growing countries on the social network in the last month were Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico and Argentina.

Advertising McDonald's Ad Too Risqué For The Phillipines [Video]

A new McDonald's ad created an uproar in the Philippines for allegedly depicting prepubescent sexuality.