Advertising Voice Recognition Software Translates Words from Those With Speech Disorders

Philips partners with VoiceItt to produce software that can help people with speech disorders interact using only their voices

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True New Year's resolutions start in your personal space.

Design Auction House To Sell Off Digital Art Like Modern Masterpieces

The world’s first digital art auction is to take place in NYC.

Innovation Metropolis Mag: Artistic LED Display Doubles A Noise-Absorbing Panel

Philips and Kvadrat Soft Cells collaborate to mitigate the problem of "acoustic smog" in public places.

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Design Phillips Taps Into A New Urban Hobby: Beekeeping

A sexy new beehive design brings an ancient craft into the 21st century.

Advertising Phillips Challenges You To Wake Up

The consumer electronics brand urges people to change the way they feel in the mornings by changing the way they wake up.

Design Reactive Installation Mimics Plant Behavior

Interactive artist Jasen Burges was commissioned by Phillips to feature a project at Milan Design Week 2010 using Lumiblade OLEDs.

Technology Emerging Theme: Sensory Sovereignty

As digital technology begins to touch more and more aspects of the real world, we see an increasing number of developments empowering us to alter the surrounding environment to our liking.