Design Sidewalks Repaired With Gold In Homage To Traditional Japanese Art

An installation from artist Rachel Sussman tries to find beauty in urban decay with a little help of gold

Advertising Levi's: How Responsible Business Can Build a More Profitable Brand [PSFK Conference]

Leading up to PSFK 2016, we revisit some of our past amazing talks with Erik Joule discussing Levi's top-down commitment to sustainable manufacturing

Syndicated Is It Possible To Be Too Happy?

The search for meaning in one's life may be more satisfying than the pursuit of happiness, according to Jane Austen.

Design Updated Household Items Use Design Flaws In Their Favor [Pics]

A design process that embraces mistakes as inspiration turns out to be a lot more successful.

Technology A New Kind Of Self-Help: Life Advice From Machines

Who knew banal instruction manuals for common devices and appliances offered such insight?

Innovation Are The Fringes Defining Mainstream Society?

During the first axial age man discovered transcendent faith. A new book proposes that spiritual energy is is actually found on the edges of our culture today, rather than the mainstream.

Work Revamped Self-Help Books Treat Life Improvement As A Philosophy

The School of Life leads classes, events, and has now published little texts aimed at enlightening people on how to live life in a more fulfilling way.

Design Concept Glasses Overlay Social Networks Onto The Real World [Video]

Michael Harboun brings together AR, brain computer interface and our online connection to layer philosophical questioning on the everyday world.

Technology How Can Philosophy Play A Larger Role In Media Experiences?

Jason Silva's 'The Beginning of Infinity' video series provides a philosophical perspective on the co-evolution of technology and human beings.

Advertising Motorola Asks 'What Does Material Abundance Mean To You'?

Can brands meaningfully engage in the philosophical arena? A new ad campaign from the mobile giants attempts to find out.

Work Philographics: Philosophy Explained With Minimalist Design

Graphic designer, Genis Carreras reinterprets complex philosophical theories with simple yet eloquent designs.

Innovation Ed Cotton: How To Be As Innovative As Google

Google has a reputation for being one of the most innovative companies of our time. How can your company be more like them?

Technology Alain de Botton: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy Of Success [Video]

A witty and eloquent TED talk about success and failure.

Gaming & Play What Brands Can Learn From In-Game Morality Systems

As story lines in games become more complex, game designers are considering questions of morality to engage gamers. We explore the implications for brands and user engagement.