phone calls

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Rebellious Startup Wants To Liberate International Calling

In an age where music, messaging, and other forms of media are free, why do long distance phone conversations still cost a fortune?

Advertising Revamped Caller ID Displays Users Social Profile And Email

Thread provides social media profile data and past email exchanges of the person who is calling you on your phone.

Design Asus Tablet Also Makes Phone Calls

The new 7-inch device, called the Fonepad, is a combination phone/tablet that runs on an Intel chip.

Technology Gloves Control Smartphone

BEARTek gloves let you answer calls, change the song you’re listening to or lower the volume by touching your fingers together.

Innovation Springwise: App Translates Phone Calls In Real-Time

Hanashite Hon’yaku allows users to make calls through its platform and see on-screen text translations, or have a voice engine create an audio version.

Design Make A Call With These Bluetooth-Enabled Gloves

The Hi-Call gloves from Hi-Fun have a microphone in the pinky and a speaker in the thumb, allowing the wearer to talk while making a ‘call me’ gesture.

Work Get Easy Room Service By Ordering On The iPad

Guests at the Hotel Bel-Air can place their orders using the electronic devices, replacing paper menus and phone calls.

Home Foursquare App Lets You Phone Home To Mom When You Check-In

#mom sends an automated call or text and a personalized message when you check-in.

Gaming & Play Thrutu Lets You Share Photos, Contacts, Doodles & More During A Phone Call

The new app update adds some great share and multitasking features in a bid to change the way we make phone calls.

Advertising 4 Minutes Facing You In The Mirror: An Interview With Hans Rosenstrom

Remove all computers, phones, relationships and obligations, can you face yourself?

Technology The Place Of The Telephone Call In Today's World

With messaging, chatting and social networking becoming more popular, will we see the death of phone calls soon?