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Design This Phone Case Turns Your Phone Into A Portable Espresso Machine

Coffee on-the-go just turned even more mobile with Mokase

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Earth Phone Case Shows Live Travel Images

A new case changes the Pixel's wallpaper each day using the images and trends they cultivate

Technology Open An Old School Padlock With Your Smartphone

The Bluetooth-connected device allows people to securely share multiple, digital keys

Consumer Goods Take The Most Covert Photos Possible With This iPhone Case

This stealth design lets you sneak cell phone photos

Design Phone Case Adds 3D Interactive Features For Makers

Using e-paper and sensors, the FlexCase allows for both 2D and 3D manipulation

Technology Phone Case Has Built-In Drone For Aerial Selfies

This concept is set to make your mobile phone even more mobile

Technology Record Your Telephone Conversations With Your iPhone Case

Make a verbal to-do list or keep track of important calls at the touch of a button

Home Phone Case Obstructs You From Mindless Scrolls

Smartphones are making us dumb—might dumb cases make us smart again?

Design Printer Case Offers Mobile-Friendly Portable Printing

Printer Case design lets you print from your mobile device with no computer present