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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Phone Charger Powered By Human Energy

Teenager Michael Vaga has come up with HandEnergy, a pocket generator that uses the rotation of your hand to store electricity

Design This Windbreaker Lets You Explore The Outdoors While Charging Your Phone

The apparel includes solar panels that allow the wearer to stay connected through the power of renewable energy

Home Wireless Charger Will Make Your Phone Levitate As It Powers Up

The unique base uses magnets to float your device while replenishing the battery

Technology Charge Your Phone With This Potted Plant

Using the natural system of photosynthesis, a novel way to channel electricity

Design Fidget in This Chair to Charge Your Phone

This chair creates electricity through the user's movement

Technology Phone-Charging Case Is Also A Wireless Speaker System

The PERI Duo iPhone Case streams music and increases battery life up to 160%

Work Offbeat Office Desk Charges Your Phone Through its Surface

The Katedra combines a futuristic design with hi-tech functionality

Advertising London’s Iconic Red Phone Booths Turned into Green Charging Stations

A number of the famous booths are being transformed into free solar-powered mobile chargers

Advertising Bracelet Sucks The Charge From One Phone And Gives It To Another

Donor Cable transfers power from one device to another to highlight the need for blood donations.

Innovation 'Magic' Phone Stand Charges Your Device In Mid-Air

Magic Phone Stand levitates mobile devices to bring an element of fun to a mundane activity.

Innovation Solar Panel Desk Is Its Own Energy Source [Video]

Colored cells mimic photosynthesis to make the most of diffused light.

Tanning Bed Case Kills Phone Bacteria Overnight

Electromagnetic radiation protects you from the harmful germs in your environment.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Campfire Phone Charger Generates Energy Via Red-Hot Flames [Video]

Harness the power of heat to power devices while out in the wilderness.

Hand-Powered Phone Case Produces Electricity When Squeezed

Three-in-one case could be a valuable asset during emergency situations.