Analysis How London Fashion Retailers Like Selfridges Stay On Top Of The Store Game

As detailed in PSFK's London Retail Innovation Guide 2019, the fashion-forward city's top names leading the next generation of brick and mortar range from digital-native startups to longstanding department stores

Cafe & Restaurant Restaurant Goers Can Reserve Their Table Through Instagram

Instagram integrated restaurant reservation service Quandoo into its app, allowing hungry photo browers and posters to seamlessly book a table in less than a minute

Transactions & Payments NBA And NHL Arenas Will Let Fans Take Blockchain-Protected Photos

A partnership between Wenn Digital and the Oak View Group allows fans to upload, register and sell photos through KODAKOne blockchain technology

Delivery & Logistics AI-Powered Search Saves Mobile Photographers Time Spent Scrolling

Retana's new app makes visual information searchable, allowing mobile users to easily find photos in their camera roll by text or voice, and can even read and document data such as text associated with photos

Retail How Visual Search Streams Are Optimizing Online Shopping

From scanning consumers' Pinterest boards to letting them upload their own photos, new image-based methods of searching for items are enhancing the digital retail experience

Fashion & Apparel ASOS Rolls Out Visual Search Feature Worldwide

Find those sneakers with just a click of the camera

Design This App For iPhone X Lets You Paint Your Face In AR

Face Maker uses the iPhone X's 3D facial recognition to make face painting virtual

Work Adobe Brings AI To Photoshop To Save Time For Editors

A new selection tool set to arrive in Photoshop uses artificial intelligence to pick out objects in a photograph and separate them from the background

Retail Search For Products On eBay Using Images Instead Of Words

Image-recognition features enable shoppers to use photos from their phones or online to find items they want to purchase

Advertising Some Websites Are Turning Visitors Into Bitcoin Miners Instead Of Relying On Ads

Pirate Bay and Showtime are turning unknowing visitors into cryptocurrency miners, using computers rather than eyeballs on ads to generate money

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Service Mines Instagram Data To Design More Authentic Travel Experiences

For many people the best kind of holiday is one based on local knowledge, but how do you know where the locals go—especially when they may prefer not to tell you? Through social media

Design Photo Series Captures Objects Cascading Through Mid Air In Natural Landscapes

Artist Charlie Kitchen looks at analog photography through a new lens

Technology This Photo Book Was Curated And Annotated Using Machine Learning

Computed Curation used an algorithm to curate and write descriptions for a volume of 207 photographs

Design AI Turns Google Street View Into A Professional Photographer

Engineers at Google used machine learning to create stunning landscape photos