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January 16, 2019 | New York City
From fingerprint and facial scanning to voice-activation log-in, banks are implementing several different personalized authentication tools to cultivate consumer trust in the institution and to ensure users that their information remains secure
August 14, 2018

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David Stewart has been a highly successful award-winning photographer specializing in people-oriented advertising for 35 years. He has partnered with numerous companies, brands and agencies to help them sell their products and build their brands across multiple cultures in various countries. Now, he is a Founding Partner of Ageist, a media company that celebrates the pursuits of people over 50. Ageist realizes the importance of people over 50 and seeks to smash stereotypes and perceptions about this demographic by interviewing and photographing people who are redefining what it means to be over 50.  


Helen Warner is a fine art photographer living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Originally from Toulouse in the South West of France, Helen is a graduate of The Queen’s University of Belfast where she mastered in Cinema and Modernism. Her photography is deeply influenced by the intertwining of theatre, intricate costume making and story telling. With the use of traditional props and costumes, Helen creates fantastically freakish images which aim to recreate the opaque world of dreams. Helen Warner’s photography is jarringly beautiful: part Tim Burton gothica, part carnivale, part Shakespeare; looking through her photos is an invitation to a secret séance.

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Triggertrap Mobile connects your smartphone to a camera for light-hearted snooping

December 10, 2014

While it’s easy to dismiss the shutdown of malls as a side effect of changing consumer behavior, its impact on American communities must not be downplayed. In the book by Matthew Newton called “Shopping Mall”, he chronicles in both photos and text the closing down of a much-loved community venue. The book shows the once […]

December 1, 2014
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