Shopper Education & Assistance The Polaroid Lab popup offers learning opps for both analog and digital photo fans

The Polaroid Lab pop-up is a photographer's dream, featuring experts onsite, a series of analog photography workshops and an immersive installation that features AR content embedded in pictures, which is activated in the retailer’s app. Visitors can also test Lab, a new product that allows users to create Polaroid photos directly from their smartphone cameras.

Food & Beverage Beer Drinkers Can Use Brew To Develop Their Own Kodak Photos

Kodak and Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head collaborated on a beer with a pH capable of developing Kodak Super 8 film, dubbing the brew "analog beer for a digital age"

Analysis Interview: How Panera Bread Uses Intuitive Tech For A Flexible Cafe Experience

The cafe & restaurant brand's VP of digital experience explains how the establishment caters to consumer demand for fast and slow dining, ultimately using technology to enable an end-to-end journey that puts the customer in control and offers greater transparency

Brand Activation & Immersion Nike Fans Could Customize Their Own AR Snapchat Filter

In the lead up to the 2019 NBA All Star Weekend, Nike let fans build their own Snapchat AR filters and share them with their followers

Consumer Goods How Brands Like Best Buy Offer Education And Expertise At Every Stage Of The Shopping Experience

Retailers are driving value with consumers by offering them personalized guidance and information at every touchpoint, from the pre-purchase, decision-making stage all the way to post-purchase support

Post Purchase Service & Support Apple Photo Sessions Train Customers On How To Take Better iPhone Photos

Workshops in photography, design and music are coming to U.K. Apple stores, encouraging customers to take full advantage of their Apple products' capabilities

Brand Activation & Immersion FujiFilm Offers Consumers Instant Noodles Shaped Like Its Film Canisters

The photography brand is promoting its name as well as analogue film by launching film-themed noodles, encouraging purchasers to share photos of their eats on social media

Merchandising & Curation Samsung's Ambient Mode Makes Televisions Useful When Turned Off

The technology giant aims to fully utilize the downtime of T.V. screens, which home owners can enhance via a mobile app, turning the monitor into a painting, photo slide or even making it blend into the wall

Transactions & Payments NBA And NHL Arenas Will Let Fans Take Blockchain-Protected Photos

A partnership between Wenn Digital and the Oak View Group allows fans to upload, register and sell photos through KODAKOne blockchain technology

Cafe & Restaurant 5 Experiential Retail Destinations In NYC

Five stores from PSFK's NYC Retail Guide deliver inspired, next-level customer experiences

Advertising KLM Gives Free Plane Tickets To Customers Who Call Mom

KLM customers who spend the most time on video chat with their moms have a chance to win flights to visit them on Mother's Day

Entertainment Facebook's VR Experiment Lets Users 'Enter' Old Photos

A Facebook prototype creates dream-like 3D spaces from 2D photos for viewers to explore in virtual reality

Delivery & Logistics First Robot Delivery Drivers Start Work In Silicon Valley

Six-wheeled robots will deliver food and coffee across a Silicon Valley office park in the first commercial use of the technology—and whole cities could be next

Advertising The Whitney's Snapchat Lens Makes You The New "American Gothic"

Museum visitors can substitute their faces for those of the painting's original farm couple with a promotional Snapchat lens