physical computing

Technology Comic Device Makes You Pelvic Thrust To 'Like' Things In The Real World

The NFC enabled device makes liking a more deliberate physical act that generates online activity.

Design DIY Physical Computing Arrives Via Scrapbook [Video]

We live in a networked world full of sensors - can these books help us teach children the importance of true interactivity?

Innovation The Human Body As A Drum Kit [Video]

Japanese artist and programmer hacks his body to turn it into a electrically stimulated instrument.

Design (Video) When Sensors Become A Dance Partner

Adaptive Bloom moves the stage set from environmental ambiance to participant.

Design (Video) Eggbot Teaches About DIY Robotics And Open Source Software

A robotic drawing machine digitizes a holiday pastime.

Advertising RHIFID Speakers: This Is A Journey Into Sound

Using a combination of RFID technology, Processing and Arduino, RHIFID speakers work as location aware controllers.

Innovation John Dimatos On Networked Objects, Creative Technology and Social Good

Following his participation at our NYC Conference in April, PSFK had a chance to talk with John Dimatos, Resident Researcher at NYU’s Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Nomadic Plants: The Promise Of Wetware

Nomadic Plants turn ecological balance into a microbial processor.

Technology A Foot Controlled Mouse

An interesting concept design could bring bring feet into computing.

Design (Video) A Fine Collection Of Curious Sound Objects

Combining storytelling with physical computing, interactive artists Georg Reil and Kathy Scheuring have created an installation that shapes the way we think about interacting with objects.

Work Ironic Radio: Playing With Typologies And Discomforting Interactions

The Interaction Design Programme at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design shares some of their latest projects with PSFK.