Advertising Food Brand Provides Recipes For Restaurant Dishes On Instagram [Video]

CT Food encourages its customers to take pictures of their restaurant meals to receive instructions on how to prepare them.

Design Orbit's Ambient Advertising [Pic]

In Austria, outdoor billboards were placed in front of snow cannons to emphasize the breath-freshening effect of Orbit Ice Mints.

Home Nostalgic Design: Tape House Made Of 7,000 Cassettes [Pic]

Aspiring architect Emmett McNamara explores material reuse and creates a deeper connection with viewers through nostalgia.

Design Creative Reuse: 100% Upcycled Coat Rack [Pic]

An environmentally-conscious designer shows us that with a bit of creativity, even old spoons can be used to organize a home.

Advertising Social Media Brand Board Game [Pic]

A graphic by Yomego displays what brands are winning the social media "game."

Innovation Small Business Around The Globe [Infographic]

A closer look at the costs of starting a small business around the world.

Advertising Slowing Down Won't Kill You [Pics]

A simple and effective public safety ad from JayGrey, Australia.

Technology 1 Out Of Every 13 People On Earth Is On Facebook [Infographic]

Mind-blowing statistics that show just how much Facebook had taken over our online experience.

Advertising Tracing The Evolution Of The Blog [Infographic]

From early online diaries to the modern micro-blog, a fascinating look at the changing face of the web.

Visualizing Friendships On Facebook [Pic]

An engineer at the social network took a sample of ten million pairs of friends from the service, crunched and tweaked the data, and came up with this remarkable data visualization.

Design The Money Inside Your Daily Fix

Designer Christine M. Røde brings to life some revealing statistics about coffee.

Advertising Hacking Billboards Into Playgrounds (Pic)

Mesarchitecture’s Double Happiness transforms the structure of a billboard into a swing set in the sky.

Technology River Nile Captured From The International Space Station (Pic)

A nighttime view of the largest river in the world as seen from space.

Advertising (Pic) The End Of Time

Artist David Shrigley offers a blunt assessment of the future of a popular publication.