Work Generator Turns Everyday Vibrations Into Smartphone Power

A film that acts like a sponge is the key to picking up subtle movements that could power your device.

Design Shake Your Cell Phone To Charge It

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a novel method for juicing up your mobile that draws energy from piezoelectric force.

Technology Charge A Laptop By Typing On It

Scientist discover a harmless virus that converts movements into electrical energy letting users power their computers by using them.

Technology Power Your Devices With Solar And Typing

Alternatives to the power cord that could make your computing even more mobile.

Advertising Sustainable Energy Synthetics Salvage Power From The Elements

UK University devises revolutionary fibre can harness movement and sunshine to provide sustainable energy.

Innovation Device Harvests Energy From Wasted Heat

A piezoelectric cantilever holds the promise of making electronic devices extremely energy efficient.

Home Piezo Shower Generates Self-Heated Water

The Piezo Shower concept uses piezoelectric fibers to heat water.

Design Nokia Developing Self-Charging Phone

Nokia is developing a phone that harvests its own energy through a combination of kinetic and piezoelectric technologies.

Technology Harnessing Energy From Micro-vibrations And Temperature Differences

Researchers at MIT have been working to develop methods for harnessing energy from natural, passive processes.

Design (Pic) Sustainable Piezoelectric Mouse Powers Itself

Corky is a wireless mouse that powers itself with piezoelectric elements.

Design Princeton University Creates New Piezoelectric Material

A promising new piezoelectric material, 100 times more efficient than quartz is being developed at Princeton University.