Technology Interactive Pinball Machine Lets Anyone Design Their Own Game

Retro-style cabinet updated to reflect the needs of modern gamers

Design Hacked Pinball Machine Creates Random Printed Artworks [Pics]

Artist modifies the popular tabletop game to create chaotic patterns.

Gaming & Play Photographs Depict Iconic Video Games In The Real World

Artist Patrick Runte imagines what it would look like if Tetris blocks and other icons were anthropomorphized into the real world

Design Historic Building Transformed Into An Interactive Pinball Game [Video]

The Célestins theater in France is turned with a playable and fun projection.

Gaming & Play Playing Video Games With Life Itself

The video games of the future may involve increasingly diverse mediums for us to play with.

Advertising (Pic) Brain-Controlled Pinball Machine

At the ceBIT Technology Fair in Germany, the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Research Consortium displayed a remarkable use of brain-controlled technology.