Hotels, Hospitality & Travel SeeVoov Offers Travelers First-Ever Comprehensive Video-Based Trip Planner

Gone are the days of stressfully researching a vacation itinerary—this travel platform is streamlining the process with a visual-based approach to digital travel

Fashion & Apparel Underwear Brand Offers Subscribers Discounts And Exclusive Prints

In an effort to drive loyalty, MeUndies is providing its subscribers with additional benefits like discounts on all of its merchandise rather than on just its underwear offerings

Shopper Marketing & Promotion REI's Rewilding Project Helps Improve The Wilderness Areas Of Five Cities

In partnership with local nonprofit organizations, the retailer is developing trails, increasing accessibility and encouraging more sustainable park management, measures that increase its brand value to customers while also serving environmental causes

Design Small-Scale Affordable Homes Respond To Communal Living Trends

This creative take on affordable housing combines a practical cinder-block construction with communal areas

Loyalty & Membership How Travel Brands Are Using AI To Help People Plan Their Own Trips

Travel companies are leveraging tools such as AI and chatbots to give travelers greater control over their itineraries

Delivery & Logistics The Future Is Cognitive: Using AI To Meet New Retail Hurdles

For our AI Retail Playbook, Bharat Popat of Microsoft speaks to PSFK about how AI can help retailers overcome new retail obstacles

Cafe & Restaurant Former Paint Factory Becomes An Experimental Co-Living Hotspot In Shanghai

The project creates a micro neighborhood blending residential, retail and public space

Design A Former Navy Airfield Near Boston Will Be Turned Into A Smart City

The planned development will be home to self-driving cars and shuttles as well as green space and units for offices and residents

Technology How An App For Athletes Is Helping With City Planning

Strava has updated its heatmap, which gathers data on city cyclist and pedestrian behaviors

Technology Alphabet Inc. Is Building A City Out Of Data

Sidewalk Toronto will be the first real-world attempt by Google's parent company to optimize city life

Cafe & Restaurant Old Prison Complex To Be Transformed Into A Buzzing Eco-Forward Neighborhood

OMA is in the business of turning trash into treasure by redeveloping an old prison complex and turning it into an eco-city neighborhood

Automotive Lyft Reimagined Street Design For The Future Of Mobility

The ride sharing company presented a newly imagined Wilshire Boulevard in a future where autonomous cars are widely available

Brand Activation & Immersion Projects To Repurpose Underused Freeways Bring Communities Together

Freeways Without Futures 2017 seeks to bring leaders and communities together to discuss the environmental impact of highway infrastructure

Retail Empty London Buildings Are Repurposed For Temporary Affordable Housing

The SHED project connects young professionals to affordable housing in an expensive city