plastic waste

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services American Express Card Will Be Made From Upcycled Ocean Plastic

American Express is working with ocean conservation organization Parley to align with customer values around pollution and tourism

Design This Company 'Fishes' For Plastic And Turns It Into Office Furniture

Plastic Whale brings tourists to fish plastic out of Amsterdam's canals, then recycles it into furniture

Food & Beverage These Edible Straws Will Make Your Cold Brew More Sustainable

Edible and compostable straws from Loliware look to cut down on plastic waste

Design Amsterdam Is Curbing Plastic Waste Through 3D Printed Benches

Rotterdam research and design studio turns plastic waste into cool and innovative street furniture

Delivery & Logistics Simple Packaging Solution Could Have A Huge Environmental Impact

A Dutch design student has proposed an environmentally friendly solution to curb packaging waste and cost

Advertising Plastic Waste From The Ocean Transformed Into Tableware

The Marine Debris Bakelite Project has developed a new material made from 100% recycled plastic

Technology Discarded Plastic And Fabric Waste Turned Into Building Materials

To help eliminate waste, this solar-powered mobile upcycling machine called Trashpresso will turn fabric and plastic waste into usable floor tiles within minutes

Retail Jelly-Like Water Bottle Orbs Are One Step Closer To Hitting Store Shelves

This gelatinous water bottle Ooho! ups the ante by reducing plastic waste through edible and flavorful water packaging

Advertising Discarded Coca-Cola Labels Used As Sustainable Packaging

Fitzroy Rum created a new packaging that recycles plastic wrappers to create a one of a kind bottle topper

Design Waste Plastic Repurposed As A Sustainable Building Material

Pretty Plastic Plant is an assembly of six machines that can sort plastic by color, wash it, melt it and turn it into plastic slates and tiles

H&M Has A New Collection Of Evening Gowns Created From Plastic Waste

The fashion brand is trying out different types of sustainable fabrics

Food & Beverage These Edible Bags Are Helping Stop Plastic Waste In India

Startup EnviGreen has created biodegradeable and environmentally friendly substitute for disposable packaging

Design Milk Proteins Could Be The Packaging Material Of The Future

A newly discovered casein-based alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and even edible

Luxury Recycled Tequila Waste Provides Construction Alternative Better than Wood

The Plastinova project helps make construction and tequila distillation considerably more sustainable