Beauty Humankind Lets Shoppers Order Products Like Deodorant In Refillable Containers

The personal hygiene company is reducing plastic waste by providing shoppers with refillable applicators and containers for everyday products like deodorant and shampoo

Brand Activation & Immersion Arlo Hotels Launches Sustainability Program Designed To Appeal To The Eco-Conscious Traveler

Arlo Cares blends boutique hospitality with community-focused events and other eco-conscious initiatives

Cafe & Restaurant Customers Paid For Healthy Food With Recyclables At Pop-Up Cafe

The Rubbish Cafe in London raised awareness about the wastefulness of single-use plastics

Fashion & Apparel Adidas' New Yoga Line Is Made From Recycled Plastic

Adidas is expanding its use of plastic recovered from the ocean in partnership with Parley

Food & Beverage Tesco's Reusable Grocery Bag Contains A Hidden Discount For Shoppers

The supermarket chain designed a sustainable shopping bag that includes a discount code to incentivize customers to reduce plastic waste

Gaming & Play LEGO's Sustainable Toy Bricks Are Made From Sugar Cane

The toy company has started producing Lego pieces with a special plant-plastic that is more eco-friendly

Advertising Fulfill Your 2018 Workout Resolution With This Athletic Gift Wrap

Decathlon made reusable gift wrap that doubles as basic workout gear

Design Sustainable IKEA Chair Uses Recycled Materials And No-Screw Assembly

Form Us With Love's Odger is a click-lock assembly chair in woodpolypropylene

Packaging & Product Engagement This Bioplastic Food Wrapper Is Meant To Be Eaten

The eco-friendly packaging is made out of high-quality seaweed that can simply be dissolved in water or be eaten after use

Home This Furniture Maker Is Combining Recycling And Thoughtful Design

Reducing carbon footprint, this German furniture company decide to use trash and turn it into beautiful modern furniture

Fitness & Sport Nike's New NBA Uniforms Are Made From The Equivalent Of 20 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Nike's contract with the NBA starts this year, with the sports apparel company releasing its first uniforms for the Golden State Warriors

Advertising Cosmetics Brand Adds Ocean Plastic To Its Packaging

Lush works with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to incorporate ocean plastic into its cosmetics packaging

Design Help Reduce Plastic Waste With A Compostable Sandwich Bag

LunchSkins offers 100% recyclable and compostable bags to reduce the environmental impact of food service

Fashion & Apparel Stella McCartney Is Making A Clothing Line From Recycled Ocean Plastic

The high-end fashion brand is joining the wave of companies and projects finding new uses for the discarded material