Children Kids Play While Parents Shop At Hybrid Indoor Playground And Apparel Store

SuperMoments' store design blends activity and merchandising that's fun for children and nostalgic for adults, creating an experiential brick-and-mortar space

Entertainment Playground Movie Theater Brings In Younger Audiences

The Cinépolis has created Junior theaters to make the movie watching experience more active for children with playground equipment

Design Sofa Can Be Reassembled Into An Indoor Playground

For both children and adults, this clever design can be quickly rearranged into the ultimate couch fort

Gaming & Play Virtually Tether Your Kids To Your Phone With This Wristband

The accessory gives children the freedom to play without their parents worrying too much about their whereabouts

Design This Pop-Up Playground In London Features A Milkshake Tree

The park is designed to offer fun multi-sensory learning for kids affected with cerebral palsy

Retail Target Opens Holiday-Themed Playground In New York City

The retailer's 16,000-square-foot space features ten larger-than-life displays

Technology Clip-On Turns the Playground into a Life-size Game Console

The Hybrid Play sensor can be clipped onto any playground structure to turn it into a life-size game console for a smartphone app

Innovation Playground Design Aimed at Drawing Kids Away from Their Gadgets

The Rocking Pad uses virtual reality to help kids interact with each other offline

Home Pompidou-Inspired Design Turns Multi-Story Carpark into Green Community Space

Park ‘n’ Play in Copenhagen will incorporate a rooftop garden, pond and playground

Gaming & Play Interactive Hospital Wall Promotes Therapeutic Play

Healing space at a hospital dedicates indoor space into a giant floor-to-ceiling wall screen.

Advertising Swing Sets Create Snow Flurries When Used

Oversized playgrounds hooked to snow-machines make snowflakes fly when played on by adults.

Luxury Playground Made From Recycled Apartment Items

The space will be made from items donated from neighborhood dwellings to evoke a deeper sense of community.

Design See-Saw Table Helps Foster A Sense Of Family And Playground Fun [Pics]

A new design helps demonstrate that meals are something you share with others with a table that flips if someone gets up.

Luxury Luxury Brand Upcycles Materials From Its Exhibition For Children's Playground

Shang Xia reused the bamboo, pebbles and wood to build a play area for vulnerable young students.