Online Magazine Prompts Readers To Disconnect Their Wi-Fi

The Disconnect wants to encourage focus and reduce the attention-depleting nature of the Internet

Design This Robot Was Made To Be A Poet By The Sea

Created by designer Yuxi Liu, this is an AI-powered bot that wanders alone on the beach and draws poems in the sand based on the elements around it

Advertising Artist Honors Nottingham's Literary History With Poetry On The Tram

Awarded UNESCO city of literature status, Nottingham celebrates its history with an art project reflecting poetry for commuters on the tram

Entertainment Grindr Has Appointed A Poet In Residence

From Catullus to Lord Byron to Grindr, sex and poetry have always been intertwined

Technology Wi-Fi Hotspots Turned Into Impromptu Poetry Readings

An art project turns Wi-Fi network names into a broadcast of lines from classical poets

Food & Beverage Pay for Your Morning Joe with a Poem

Cafe chain allows customers to trade in poetry to get coffee on World Poetry Day

Technology Haiku Generator Invents Poems Based On NSA Key Words

Haiku generator that creates bizarre poetries the government cannot help but flag and spy on.

Technology Google Autocomplete Suggestions Captured As Pensive Poems

Internet users fears, hopes, and fantasies are the material for this search engine-inspired poetry.

Design 160-Meter Long Poem Forms A Bridge Between Two Museums [Pics]

Typographic path will make use of the first ever slab serif typeface.

Design Pinball Game Generates Poems From News Headlines [Video]

Word-smithing is as easy as playing the classic arcade game using this interactive display.

Technology Zuckerberg Rewrites Iconic American Poem For Immigration Reform

A poem originally meant for immigrants fleeing injustice gets an update for the tech era.

Work Poetic Public Art Is New Kind Of Graffiti [Pics]

Scottish artist Robert Montgomery creates conceptual displays by installing poetry in unexpected urban locations, often hijacking billboards.

Home A Look Back At The Life Of American Poet Jack Gilbert

The influential writer wrote compellingly about passion, loss and loneliness.

Syndicated Poetic Photography & Developing Creative Thinking [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archive we uncover a presentation about how to create a process for out-of-the-box thinking.