Gaming & Play Gaming Brand Atari Has Created Its Own Cryptocurrency

The company is jumping on the digital currency bandwagon with Atari Token, which can be used by customers to purchase games, movies and more

Design Urban Traffic Lights Revamped For Safety’s Sake

Play pong against opponents on the other side of the road while you wait

Technology Pong Controlled With Brainwaves Raises Funds For Charity

The Brain Tumor Charity has created a giant hands-free game on a billboard at a shopping center.

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Photographer Patrick Runte brings the digital video game back into the analog world with his most recent Jump and Run project. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

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Test drive event helps brand the Smart Fortwo electric drive as a fun car, not just an eco-friendly car.

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In his tell-all memoir, author George Parker holds forth about what it's really like to work in the steamy ad world, as popularized by AMC's Mad Men. All it's cracked up to be? Read to find out.

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Digital Pong-type game controlled by mobile phones offered people free food for playing well.

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The video games of the future may involve increasingly diverse mediums for us to play with.