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Syndicated Muhammad Ali's Influence Ran Deep Through Rap's Golden Age

Some have argued that the Champ was the first rapper

Features A Look Back At The Life Of A Man Who Fought Injustice With His Guitar

Folk singer Pete Seeger passed away on January 27th, leaving behind a legacy of political activism and inspirational music.

Advertising The Secret To Bruce Springsteen's Lasting Popularity

The New Jersey entertainer has had a long career as a performer, matched only by the years he's dedicated to helping others.

Syndicated Metallica To Play Antarctica Concert Without Amps

Silent Disco sponsored by Coke will be transmitted to fans live via headset and broadcast online.

Home Daft Punk To Launch New Album At An Agricultural Show

French duo's hotly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories, will debut in the farming community in New South Wales.

Innovation Ai Weiwei Is Releasing A Heavy Metal Album

Chinese artist has written nine rock-tinged tracks for music debut to follow his Gangnam-style video.

Design Should Roadrunner Be A State Anthem?

Laura Barton lauded 'Roadrunner' by Jonathan Richman back in 2007 and now the state of Massachusetts is considering it as a new anthem.

Syndicated How OMD Made Enola Gay

Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys recall how they came to make a pop song about the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Syndicated Björk Plans Biophilia Residency In Paris

The singer will perform six dates in the French capital, including four gigs in a circus tent on an island on the Seine river.

Design UK Restaurant Critic: How Psy Taught Me Gangnam Style

The internet dance sensation was created to mock the pretensions of Seoul's wealthy citizens. Since then, David Cameron, Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon have learned the moves. Jay Rayner shares his experience with the popular meme.

Syndicated Courtney Love Is Planning To Make A Kurt Cobain Documentary

Singer working on documentary about late husband scheduled for 2014, says director and collaborator Brett Morgan

Features Does Pop Music Have New Obsession With Death?

With a generation of fans raised on Twilight, we shouldn't be too surprised that the charts are full of macabre disco-inspired tracks.

Advertising Why Gangnam Style Won't Die

The cringe-proof dance that knows no shame has refused to disappear gracefully like every other meme.

Syndicated Lady Gaga To Record Jazz Album With Tony Bennett

Following collaborating on The Lady is a Tramp, Gaga proposes big-band project with 86-year-old singer.