Pop up shops

Retail This Pop-Up Shop Sells All Things Related To Periods

U by Kotex hosted a pop-up shop where women can feel safe and comfortable when it comes to discussing—and shopping for—their period

Home Pop-Up Shop in Williamsburg Hotel to Sell Farm-to-Table Handbags

Label Marlow Goods launches a stand-alone store inside the Wythe Hotel, selling bags made from the hides of the animals served at the restaurant

Advertising PSFK Picks: Top Five Stories Of The Week

A fake YouTube ad provoked empathy in viewers, and we learned how silly we'd look if 'following' took place IRL.

Innovation UK Department Store Opens David Bowie Themed Pop-Ups

Selfridges will offer a variety of collaborations on products paying tribute to the music legend.

Design Boots Brand Promotes Its Opening In New Pop-Up Mall With A Treasure Hunt

Palladium opens in Boxpark Shoreditch in London's East End at the weekend.

Advertising Wieden + Kennedy, SHOP, And The Rise Of The Agency/Retail Hybrid?

A review of last night's W+K Pop-Up SHOP event.

Advertising Honest Tea Campaign Stimulates Sales Growth, Brand Awareness, And Honesty

A series of unmanned pop-up shops relied on the honor system which stimulated record sales growth, created a new customer base, and promoted honesty.

Luxury More Department Stores To Open Budget Extensions

With the dismal retail sales of the last few years, many high-end department stores have become desperate to clear out their unsold merchandise.

Retail Could "Swing" Shops Be The New Pop-Up?

While it's already been established that Pop-Up shops were the trend of 2009 (and 08), NYC retailer Scoop is hoping to up-the-ante with it's new concept, the Swing Shop.

Design Accessories Refashioned from Reclaimed Vinyl Records

WrecordsByMonkey designs handmade accessories refashioned from reclaimed vinyl records.