Brand Activation & Immersion NYRIW Preview: Experiential Retail Studio Founder On Captivating The Phygital Consumer

Ahead of speaking on the panel IRL Retail Design in a Digital Age, Whereabout founder and creative director Gabriela Baiter explains how the studio helps digitally native brands as well as retailers like Uber and Floyd enable dynamic, interactive, memorable experiences that foster community and drive engagement

Beauty Cartier Took Shoppers Inside A Diamond To Experience Its Latest Fragrance

At a popup shop showcasing its classic and newly launched fragrances, the French luxury brand offered visitors an interactive and dynamic way to discover its products, including a fragrance fountain, mantra wall and a surround-sound diamond immersion chamber

Brand Activation & Immersion Wellness Pop-Up Aims To Improve Visitors' Health In Only 30 Seconds

People visiting The Lifestyle Lab can get a fast and painless health checkup using brand new scanning technology as well as try out healthy foods and fitness programs

Design Furniture Collection Reimagines the Gym as Luxurious Living Space

The Body Building collection doesn't accommodate sofa lounging — replacing rest with inspirational, luxurious and neon pieces

Home Porsche Unveils Popup Modern Record Store in NYC

Visitors can uniquely experience the stories and sounds of the automaker's heritage and innovation

Luxury Trade Hashtags for Handbags at Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Customers pay for products with social currency at the money-free London pop-up

Technology Traveling Headquarters Help This Startup Stay In Tune With Its Users

Vayable's pop-up office has moved from Paris to New York City to get closer to their biggest US market.

Innovation Pop-Up Nap Pods Rejuvenate Tired Workers [Pics]

Nasal strip-maker Breathe Right offered working folks free beds to take a midday rest in.

Advertising Vans Creates 3D-Printed Cut Outs Of Skateboarders' Rides

Pop-up gallery houses the installation that mapped riders moves and made them into three-dimensional objects.

Retail Pop-Up Shops Revitalize Historic But Derelict Downtown Oakland

The california borough's historic downtown has been in decline for years, but POPUPHOOD is changing that with a series of local retail experiments.

Design Temporary Urban Lounge Built From Reused Milk Crates

'PlayMo' aimed to be a place for urban dwellers to meet, spend time, and play.

Technology SPEED Show: Net.Art With A Pop-Up Mentality

Guerilla tactics help spread Internet-based artworks outside of normal digital channels.

Work No Longer Empty Brings Music Back to Former Tower Records Store

A temporary exhibition opened last week in NYC at the site of a former downtown Tower Records store.

Advertising Pop Up Ad Agency Helps Small Businesses

London based RKCR/Y&R offered its creative and strategic services to local small businesses in a pop up ad agency for a week.