Design Portable Stove Burns Wood To Store Electricity

The BioLite CampStove 2 can help you cook dinner and charge your phone

Technology This Umbrella Creates A Portable LED Screen For Protests

Sprizzle features an LED display that helps display empowering messages and images when it revolves

Entertainment Speaker Design Inspired By Monkey Tails

Italian design company Palomar has released The Monkey, speakers that have an antenna modeled after the primate's tail

Design Portable Panic Button Helps Immigrants In Need

Notifica allows its users to select their contacts with pre-written messages to send out in case of an emergency

Design Share Stool Is A New Concept For Public Space Seating

Thomas Bernstrand's nest of coin-operated stools attach to an immovable base

Health Roller Shade Stimulates Sunshine for Windowless Rooms

Wake up to the morning sunshine with this minimalist lamp

Consumer Goods Portable Machine Lets You Enjoy Espresso Anytime, Anywhere

A Kickstarter campaign has started to help fund Simpresso, a device for coffee lovers to have their favorite cup of espresso ready wherever they go

Automotive Portable Breathalyzer Fits Into A Watch

Soon phones, fitness bands, eyewear and smartwatches could detect if you're too drunk to drive

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Portable Sensor Keeps Possessions Connected And Safe

GuardPeanut features an anti-theft alarm helps keep tabs on all your belongings

Entertainment Bike Battery Doubles As A Portable Boombox

Noordung has created a motorized bike with a pair of speakers attached to the front

Technology Foldable Scooter Wants To Make Commuting Easier

Immotor Go is a foldable transportation device that can pair with your phone for easier control

Food & Beverage Portable Lunchbox Oven Creates The Perfect Office Meal

The HeatsBox is a mini-cooking device that lets people heat up their lunch evenly within 15 minutes

Design Use Running Water To Charge Your Phone

This personal hydroelectric generator powers your devices by harnessing the force of a river

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel These Tiny Rooftop Cabins Could Be A Solution To Expensive Urban Living

A Berlin-based company is building modular, solar-powered cabins on top of city rooftops to appeal to the urban nomad