portable device

Design Share and Mix Music with Portable DJ Device

Kickstarter campaign aims to fund Openmix, purportedly the world's smallest audio mixer

Technology Tiny USB Port Connects A Remote Desktop To Any Screen

This portable cloud connection device lets users access content from any capable display.

Innovation Mini Smartphone Portable Printer

The mPrinter provides snippets of data, which can be simple text, HTML, images, or fully dynamic data created using Javascript.

Work Compact Device Projects Keyboard Onto Any Flat Surface

The Magic Cube is small, portable and compatible with a variety of computers, tablets and smartphones.

Design Pocket-Sized Computer Projects Screen And Keyboard On Any Surface [Pics]

The 'Spider Computer' prototype offers a cloud-enabled computer on the go and also doubles as a mobile phone.

Technology Portable 3D Scanner For Your Smartphone [Video]

The Armada is a phone-sized scanner concept that would provide a new tool for creative projects.

Design Portable Solar Wind Turbine For Charging On The Go

A conceptual mobile charging hub uses multiple inputs to generate electricity.