Advertising KFC Opened A Mini Restaurant To Serve Up Tiny Boxes Of Fried Chicken

KFC created a mini restaurant for one day in Portland that served tiny versions of its $5 Fill Up Box

Design Device Turns Any Piece Of Wood Into A Set Of Custom Chopsticks

This device invented by John Economaki allows anyone to make their own ideal pair and customize them to their liking

Home Taking The IoT Home Beyond Four Walls And A Roof

IOTAS learns your preferences and lets you take them with you when you move

Food & Beverage This Ice Cream Is Made Entirely From Food Waste

Salt & Straw decided to draw attention the food waste problem with a special batch of ice cream made from ingredients that would have been thrown away

Automotive UPS Debuts A Delivery e-Bike In Portland

The mail delivery service is trying out new environmentally friendly electric bikes to make their holiday drop offs

Food-Producing Architecture Competition Seeks To Better Feed Cities

A design challenge in Copenhagen highlights the need and beauty of urban farming

Syndicated Portland's Black Residents Putting Faith In 'Soul District' To Counter Gentrification

Professionals hope to reclaim neighborhood’s cultural identity with black-owned business

Retail What Does A Budget Conscious Whole Foods Look Like?

A new LA store will offer lower prices and sustainable practices to appeal to young shoppers

Work The World’s Oldest, Most Sustainable Alcoholic Beverage You’ve Never Heard Of

There's a buzz in Portland, Maine surrounding mead, a beverage with medieval fame

Home Pay with Your Opinion at This Portland Store

SamplingLab is a Portland based store that lets customers try out products, and pay with their opinions: a modern update to the corporate focus group

Innovation Airbnb Seeks To Create A Sharing Economy In Every City

Portland will be the first Shared City in the United States.

Design Apartment Buildings Add Bike Parking Lots To Attract Millennials

Portland's new bicycle storage facility can hold up to 1,200 units.

Innovation Work Space Desk Has Built-In Sound System [Pics]

The Podpad from RUPHUS is a modern workspace that sleekly combines technology, design and functionality.

Luxury Online Marketplace Helps Local Vendors Sell Globally

Wander&Trade launches to bring curated goods made by small businesses to a much wider audience.