Advertising Fashion Line Debuts With A Lecture On The Relationship Between Selfies And Modern Identity

Acne Studios brought in an art professor to discuss the relationship between human thinking and fashion to promote their A/W 2017 line

Nelson Mandela Graffiti Made By Ink-Stamped Boxing Gloves [Video]

Street art in Shanghai pays tribute to one of South Africa's greatest revolutionaries buy repeatedly punching a wall.

Artist Leaves Portraits Of Strangers On The Street Where She Saw Them

Nicole Bourgea paints 10 everyday people and offers them the artwork for free.

Work How Does Viewer Perception Change When Someone Is In Uniform? [Headlines]

Dutch photographer Herlinde Koelbl took pictures of people in two different ways- wearing their 'work' clothing and wearing their 'casual' clothing.

Design Cool Hunting: Visit The World's Only TinType Photography Studio [Video]

Go inside Photobooth, the San Francisco studio that creates portraits with an old-world photography method.

Advertising Using Photo Techniques Of Yesteryear In Today’s Modern Age

Michael Shindler employs old-school tintype photography to create one-of-a-kind portraits.

Technology Blogger Portraits [Pics]

Gabriela Herman's photography project profiles the people behind the electronic publications.