Consumer Goods Wear The Eyes Of Vincent Van Gogh To Sleep

Masterpieces Never Sleep is a series of sleep masks made to make the wearer look like iconic art masterpieces

Design Airbnb Enlists an Artist and His Sewing Machine at Design Miami

Artist Michael-Birch Pierce demonstrates his free-motion technique during live portrait drawings

Work See Beyoncé, Miley and More as iPad-Painted Portraits

Artist Jeremy Martin creates colorful celebrity pop art portraits directly on his tablet

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A Social Portrait Machine Travels the World to Paint Your Face

Face-o-mat is a device designed to put a smile on your face, capturing your outwards essence in an abstract fashion

Gaming & Play Artist Creates World Cup Player Portraits By Kicking Around A Paint-Covered Soccer Ball

Red Hong Yi creates one of a kind soccer artwork using the game's own equipment.

Design Giant Pinboard Facade Lets Fans Become The Face Of The Olympics [Pics]

Architect Asif Khan’s 'MegaFaces' structure will display the faces of visitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics as large 3D portraits.

Advertising GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

A new project presents street photography as you’ve never seen it before.

Innovation Skin Tone Catalog Based On The Pantone Color System [Pics]

Created by photographer Angelica Dass, 'Humanae' is a chromatic inventory featuring a series of portraits.

Luxury Detailed Needlework Turns Banana Bunches Into Canvases

Artist Kazuki Guzman pricks the fruit to create bruised patterns.

Celebrity Portraits Crafted From Various Foods [Pics]

French artist Vivi Mac uses different types of edible items to create detailed artworks using a plastic straw and her hands.

Technology Photographer Thanks Kickstarter Backers By Posing As Them In Portraits [Pics]

Cheyne Gallarde thanked those who pledged a certain amount for his Universe of One book by featuring them in the project 'Twinsies'.

Scotch-Tape Portraits Contort Human Faces [Pics]

Photographer Wes Naman takes interesting pictures of people obscured and stretched at odd angles.

Design Kit Turns 2D Portraits Into 3D Paper Heads

Paper-Kit is an online app that uses photographs taken from different angles to create a 3D model, which can be printed and assembled.

Design Multiple Photos Of One Subject Compiled Into Uncanny Portraits

Gregoire Cheneau splices together shots from different angles.