Advertising Drew Neisser: 5 Keys To Getting Social In 2014

President and CEO of Renegade looks at the media challenges of the coming year and shows how we can best leverage them.

Retail Chocolate Stamps Make Mail Smell And Taste Better

Belgian post office will roll out new line of tasty postage next month.

Advertising Musician's Tweet Inspires Kellogg's To Make Him A Personalized Cereal

A social media + brand success story results in an uncanny breakfast treat called 'Totes Amazeballs.'.

Technology Achieve New Year's Resolutions By Blackmailing Yourself With Bad Photos On Facebook

Aherk publicly embarrasses you on Facebook if you fail to meet your personal goals to help motivate users.

Home U.S. Postal Service Reports $5 Billion Loss [Headlines]

The government has been working on ways to rescue the ailing Postal Service, which reported a massive loss on Tuesday.

Design Springwise: RFID Wristbands Let Themepark Guests Instantly Share Photos On Facebook

Great Wolf resorts' visitor wristbands not only act as room keys and charge accounts, they allow you to take photos and share them on Facebook.

Design Product Placement Inserted Into TV Reruns

The latest ad trend is digital reinsertion in prime time shows after the fact.