Design Designer Creates Chic Posture-Improving Tools You Might Actually Want To Use

Designer Mirjam de Bruin created Asana, a series of five tools to help office workers keep up their health while sitting at their desks

Fashion & Apparel Vibrating Smart Bra Helps Wearers Find Their Zen

Apart from providing physical support, Vitali improves posture and helps train people to deepen their breath

Technology Wearable Vibrates To Fix Slouching Postures

UPRIGHT GO is made to improve people's spinal alignment with a custom training plan

Design Clothing Option Actively Corrects Your Posture

FysioPal is a shirt that syncs with a smartphone and vibrates to notify wearers if they're slouching

Design Sweatshirt Functions As A Portable Back Massager

An accompanying app lets users pick the duration and intensity of their backrub session

Work Menswear Collection Designed to Combat Desk Posture

Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiligers' creations are a non-tech solution to the digital age problem of constantly working at computers

Technology Standing Desk with Integrated Computer Learns Your Preferences

The Stir M1 is made for tech-mindful, large-scale office environments

Innovation PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Robotic exoskeletons approved by the FDA, Coke strips naked and space balloons for tourists.