Design Redesigning Nike's Air Force One

How a boy from Brooklyn who loved to sketch grew up to rework one the world's most iconic sneakers.

An Anxiety-Powered Map

PSFK was able to catch a glimpse of an interesting project at the opening of the You Are Here → Psychogeography of New York City exhibition.

Home Event: desigNYC Exhibit Showcases NonProfit And Pro Bono Designer Collaborations

A dozen new design projects are on display which aim to have a positive impact on people living in New York City.

Advertising (Events) Digital Culture, Communication, And The "New Normal"

PSFK has been tracking inspirational events and conferences being held around the world. Here are a handful of upcoming events that we are looking forward to.

Innovation (Event) "Envelopes": Living, Sustainable Architecture At Pratt Manhattan Gallery

"Envelopes" is an ongoing exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery that explores architecture at the intersection of sustainability and "living" systems.

Home ReIGNITE! at Pratt Institute

We had the opportunity to attend a symposium at Pratt Institute as part of their "ReIGNITE!" series during alumni weekend. The event brought together a group of panelists from across a wide range of disciplines speaking on ideas related to redefining the good life and reconsidering creative value in the 21st century.