Mobile Service Acts As A Comprehensive Guide To The Election

BallotReady is made to give everyday citizens insight into every candidate and platform leading up to Election Day

Design Bing Marries Design and Political Data to Prime the Partisans

The Bing Political Index enables users to get ready for the election by comparing the presidential candidates' positions on the issues

Advertising Should All Politicians Go Mobile?

As the GOP seeks out its presidential nominee, mobile applications may help reunite its jumbled voting bloc

Technology Twitter Rolls Out In-Tweet Surveys

Top brands are being given access to invaluable data.

Innovation Connect The Dots Image Maps Obama's Successfully Completed Goals [Pics]

An interesting poster that shows what still needs to be done by the elected president .

Advertising Passers-By Use Their Chewing Gum To Vote For The Next President [Video]

Obama or Romney? A street art project asks participants to show their support with sticky candy.

Technology Bill Clinton & Smokey Robinson Create Global Social Media Emergency Network

Smoke Alarm accelerates the efforts to raise awareness and funding for projects immediately and in real-time.

Technology What Does Obama Pin On Pinterest? [Headlines]

The President of the United States of America has joined the online pin board community.

Home LinkedIn Hosts An Obama Town Hall [Headlines]

The president will take questions about job creation and the economy from LinkedIn members of any background.

Advertising Domino's Pizza Plans To Open A Restaurant On The Moon

The latest in a series of out-of-the-box makreting ideas Japan President, Scott K. Oelkers, explains how this feat will take place.

Home Obama Checks In On Foursquare [Headlines]

President of the United States, Barack Obama was praised for his use of social media during his 2008 campaign, now the White House has joined Foursquare.

Gaming & Play Monocolumn: Peru Celebrates Inauguration Of Left-Leaning Government

A new president brings with him an air of optimism and change that many Peruvians are looking forward to.

Work Cut The Budget Deficit Yourself With Your Smartphone

Two smartphone apps allow you to play along with all the fiscal fun happening in Washington, D.C.

Obama Plays Ping Pong With UK's Cameron [Headlines]

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron might have big issues to confront – but for a brief moment on Tuesday, they put all that aside for a game of table tennis.