Design Samsung’s Concept Printers Challenge Traditional Boxy Designs

The tech company has unveiled several new products boasting innovative design and diverse features.

Technology Tray-Free Printer Eats Away At Piles Of Paper [Pics]

In one end and out the other, a printer design that doesn't jam and needs a lot less attention.

Design Print Instagram Photos On Any Printer

Creative agency Creature has developed 'Cheapstaprint' a free code that allows you to create physical copies of new images with a specified hashtag or location.

Technology Old Fax Machines And Scanners Play Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A Changin' [Video]

Instead of an orchestra playing the artist’s famous song, old hardware is used for the 'Scrapheap Symphony.'

Advertising Ed Cotton: Re-Imagining The Printer

Artecfact's new concept printer breathes life into a stale consumer product.

Design Paul Ferragut's Time Print Machine [Video]

This DIY printing system creates images using felt pens on blotting paper.

Work Physical Records Of Real-Time Wikipedia Edits

A public art installation, expressing its community's work, celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the electronic encyclopedia.

Design Concept Printer Reuses Pencils And Paper

The Pencil Printer is a concept device that models a method for printing using pencil lead instead of ink.