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Design People Over Process: How We Can Still Save Design Thinking

Peter Sena II, entrepreneur, angel investor, and Digital Surgeons founder discusses why, when done right, design thinking tears down barriers and existing ways of working that prevent businesses from arriving at their best solutions

Advertising New Beer Developed to Maximize Creativity

Hemingway would be proud: a beer proven to boost creativity

Advertising Beer May Help Creative Problem-Solving [Headlines]

The alcoholic beverage can free the mind to make it more effective in certain types of decision making.

Unthinkable Problems Require Big Rewards To Solve [Headlines]

What would the prize be for persuading the developed world to manage with less – a walk in the park?

Work The Tread Project: Footwear Design As A Vehicle For Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

We were recently taken with the Tread Project, which uses footwear design to inspire a class of 25 underprivileged high school students.

Innovation Grant McCracken: Harnessing the Innovation Paradox

For some reason, it is when we are free to stop thinking about the problem that we sometimes manage our best work on the problem.

Innovation Friends With Cognitive Benefits: Social Interaction Helps Problem Solving

Speaking with others in a friendly, rather than competitive tone boosts the part of the brain that helps us solve everyday problems.

Design Grant McCracken: A “Special Teams” Unit For The Corporation

The corporation is very good at problem solving. Next to getting things done, this is what it does best. The trouble is, the problems are getting tougher.