Design Let the Twitter Masses Concoct Your Next Cocktail

A machine converts random tweets from across the globe into delectable drinks

Advertising Digital Canopy Creates A 'Sunroof' On Subway Trains

The ‘Canopy’ is a concept that would attach to the roof of a train car to give riders a view of the outside world they’re passing. The flexible ‘e-paper’ would show passing landmarks and weather information.

Innovation PSFK Job Picks: Creative Coder - Rockwell Group

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here’s a new job at the Rockwell Group, just listed on the service.

Technology The Meaningful Algorithmic Placement Of Names On The 9/11 Memorial

Data visualizer Jer Thorp created a program that would depict the relationships between the victims through the location of their name.

Luxury Transforming The Transport Topography Of London

A new website morphs the iconic London Underground map based on the time it takes to travel through the subway.

Home Moullinex Uses Hacked Kinect To Create Innovative Music Video

The disco-house artist created his latest music video, 'Catalina' using a hacked Kinect and a 3D capture script.

Video Paper And Wood Come Alive: The Papel Project

A warm interactive artwork mixes physical materials and digital projections.

Work RHIFID Speakers: This Is A Journey Into Sound

Using a combination of RFID technology, Processing and Arduino, RHIFID speakers work as location aware controllers.

Advertising When Artist Meets Programmer: A Talk With Lauren Cornell and Kristin Lucas

PSFK speaks with curator Lauren Cornell and artist Kristin Lucas about Rhizome's upcoming Seven on Seven event.