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Beauty How Brands Like Floyd Drive Loyalty By Involving Consumers In Product Development

Retailers like Target and Sephora are turning to consumers in order to gather data, gauge desires and develop product assortments or experience offerings

Brand Activation & Immersion Media Brand Uses AI To Create In-House, Data-Driven Beauty Line

Clique Brands is marshaling AI-enabled analysis of data on its consumers, drawing on information from its online audience as well as past collaborations with retailers like Target to develop a beauty brand tailored for its customers

Fashion & Apparel Lingerie Brand Uses Customer Data To Inform Product Design And Retail Strategy

Adore Me used artificial intelligence to harness customer reviews for brand and retail development, benefitting from its e-commerce beginnings and parlaying them into a tailored store experience

Retail 4 Forces Driving The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK's newest study, The Future of Manufacturing, explores four disruptors that are influencing the manufacturing world of tomorrow

Advertising Sephora Lets Customers Pitch Their Own Ideas For Beauty Products

The new online platform Volition is made to get consumers involved in product development

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services How Crowdsourcing Can Help Detect Counterfeit Products

AllVirtuous was created to monitor the market and build evidence around any potential counterfeit items

Design Kickstarter Wants To Help Crowdfunders Keep Their Promises

The platform partnered with Dragon Innovation and Avnet to develop a program that will help campaigners get their products developed and delivered on time

Technology This 'Swiss Army Knife Of Drones' Was Invented By An 18-Year-Old

The modular device can fly at recorded speeds of 85 mph, nearly twice the speed of market leader DJI's Phantom line

Home Research and Design House is Decoding How Phones Impact Our Humanity

With a vision for human-oriented solutions, Vinaya explores human connectivity through philosophical inquiry and smart product design

Innovation Adobe Ignites Employee Innovation with a Red Box

Employees are given pack of tricks including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund any creative project

Work GE Partners With Online Design Community For Crowdsourced Innovation

The partnership with Quirky focuses on the development of co-branded products based on thousands of patents being opened up.

Advertising Jill Nussbaum: Think Deep, Work Lean

Why a purely Lean approach isn't always the answer to digital product development.

Design Smart Jug Can Detect Spoilt Milk & Notify User Via Text

An everyday container gets reinvented with added high-tech features.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: Are Ad Agencies Now In The Product Development Business?

In our tech savvy age, it has become the job of the agency to help less advanced companies create products to help navigate this new landscape.