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Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket AR Helps Chinese Shoppers Better Understand Foreign Brands (And Where To Find Them)

Coolhobo adds augmented reality to grocery retail, with product information, in-store navigation and access to likeminded shopping communities

Packaging & Product Engagement Plant-Based Cups Can Handle Heat And Be Composted

World Centric uses sugarcane fiber to make disposable, biodegradable hot coffee cups, meeting a need for consumers and businesses that are watching their environmental impact

Brand Activation & Immersion Watch: PSFK CX Playbook Video

In our CX webinar, PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and strategist Avery McCaffrey guide viewers through a framework for engaging the conscious consumer

Food & Beverage SmartLabel Gives Consumers Easy Access To Food Product Details

Shoppers can scan the QR code of items bearing these new labels to access detailed information about their food, empowering consumers to make better-informed decisions regarding their purchases

Features How Brands Are Enriching The Product Experience With Augmented Reality

Brands are using AR to tell the story behind a product or highlight future concepts, helping to immerse and inform consumers about company values and sources of inspiration

Design VR Heat Maps Track Consumers' Eye Movements To Inform Optimized Store Design

Tobii Pro's VR analytics suite helps marketers make the most informed decisions when it comes to product and store design by providing insight into consumer behavior and attention

Op-Ed Op-Ed: Why Brands Should Create 'Invisible' Experiences

Grey strategist Rogério Colantuono shares his takeaways from PSFK's CXI 2018 conference, advocating customer experiences that deliver maximum value while tech does its job in the background

Work LinkedIn Is Now Providing Users With Commute Times For Potential Jobs

The professional network's new feature allows job seekers to browse positions depending on their commute-time preferences, and is using the data to make recommendations for users

Technology Apple's Latest Safari Upgrades Cater To Users Looking To Curb Ad-Tracking

Apple's updates include cookie warnings and a push back against device fingerprinting, helping protect users' data and giving them more control over who can access their information

Entertainment Facebook's Lip Sync Live Lets Users Pick A Song To Sing For A Mock Broadcast

A new platform feature enables musically-inclined users to pretend livecast with friends, helping to boost the social media site's popularity with younger demographics and compete with other interactive platforms

Automotive Lyft Updated Its App To Provide Ride-Sharers With Faster Commutes

The ride-hailing service's recent redesign plans improve customer's experiences by cutting down transit time and increasing shared rides, simultaneously reducing traffic congestion by putting fewer cars on the road

Retail Scent Liners Let Consumers Smell Products Without Disrupting Packaging

With packaging that percolates scent, customers no longer need to rip open seals to take in the aromas of food, beverages or beauty products

Delivery & Logistics AI-Powered Search Saves Mobile Photographers Time Spent Scrolling

Retana's new app makes visual information searchable, allowing mobile users to easily find photos in their camera roll by text or voice, and can even read and document data such as text associated with photos

Food & Beverage Aldi Makes Things Cheaper For Cash-Strapped Weddings With Online Wine Guide

The discount supermarket chain wants to make wedding planning easier and more affordable with an online wine shopping hub